What the world is saying about Daniel Hertz.

Stanley Jordan | American jazz guitarist and pianist

Your audio system has become an integral part of my sound on the album and I think we’re getting my best guitar recordings yet. What I’m noticing is that it does not sound like an audio system at all. It just sounds like there is music in the air. I have no idea how you guys pulled this off, but congratulations – it really sounds amazing!

Edgar Kramer, editor Sound and Vision Magazine

“…we were nevertheless transfixed as track after track was reproduced with frightful dynamic range, while being totally natural, refined and fatigue-free. For this damn-well-close-to-live experience, Daniel Hertz, as helmed by Levinson, receives the gong for “Best of Show” in 2012. Mr. Levinson may just be at the cusp of another stride up the high end audio evolutionary path.”

Alain Jarousseau

When I initially came to Venice with my friend Cedric Paasche, he bought the Daniel Hertz M4 system, and I purchased the M7 Maria 200 system. The M7 system was a joy – in another league from the high-end audio system I had before. After some months, when Cedric decided to upgrade to the Daniel Hertz M1 system, I decided to upgrade to his M4 system. You took back my M7 system, and everything went smoothly without problems. The M7 was great, but the bi-amplified M4 is even better and worth every euro. Going to audio stores is boring – they have nothing to compare or improve my system. As you said, a Mac with Master Class is the ultimate source, and with Maria, with sound quality better than anything else, including the most expensive players and servers.

Some months later, you made an improved tuning for my M4 system, which Daniel, your customer support tech, installed remotely with Teamviewer, and the sound was even better! Also, you used my ears to optimize the tuning for my room, and the result is perfect.

The M4 system is the maximum possible in my apartment, in another class, from what people call “high-end” audio. Daniel Hertz is the absolute high-end audio. Compared to Daniel Hertz, the rest is overpriced and uninteresting. I am sure my M4 system will be the last one I buy.

Rick Ursberg | Audio influencer

I met with Mark in Stockholm to listen to the Daniel Hertz Maria. I was the skeptical guy who prefers the experience of analog through tubes and vinyl.

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the Daniel Hertz  Maria amplifier; it played digital music, even streaming with lots of energy while still sounding soft, which is quite a feat and something I have not experienced with any other amplifier. I’m generally skeptical because I’ve heard the same story so many times;  a company makes a claim that they have built the perfect sounding Class D amplifier and that we are now entering a new era of amplifiers and so forth. I have been disappointed in their claims every time until now. Then I heard the Daniel Hertz Maria amplifier, with the Mighty Cat chip, which is the only amplifier that has exceeded my expectations. The Daniel Hertz Maria amplifier with the Mighty Cat class-D is the best-sounding class-D I have ever experienced, even better than analog transistor amplifiers playing vinyl.

It was inspiring to meet Mark; I enjoy people who try to break through barriers, such as making digital music sound more life-like, which is a monumental task, and Mark and the Daniel Hertz team made it happen for the first time! Mark and the Daniel Hertz team have my sincere respect for finally creating audio technology that is the best I have experienced.


I have had a chance to live with my Daniel Hertz system for a while and want to tell you what I think of it. First, let me say that the M7 and Maria 200 Swere well-packed and arrived in Singapore in perfect condition. I never thought to buy such an expensive audio system without hearing it, but I had a special feeling about it and am glad I listened to my inner voices.

The sound of my M7 and Maria are far beyond even what I expected – and I had high expectations. I have heard many high end audio systems that cost 150k USD or more, and none of them come close to my system. I have friends who own such highly promoted systems but when they hear my Daniel Hertz system, agree, and say that they may change soon to one of yours.

I never heard Cello equipment but heard about it. Some of my friends are familiar with Cello equipment, and have great respect for what you did in the past. They say that the sound of my M7 and Maria is better than Cello, and they are shocked not only by the sound but by the compact size and the reasonable cost.

The M7 and Maria play every kind of music in all formats with ease and excellent results. In addition to music, I watch movies and am amazed by the movie sound – voices are natural, every sound is clear, the dynamics are awesome, and I can listen for many hours with no fatigue. Definitely better than movie theaters! I am using a Mac with Master Class as you recommended, and love it. The sound is way better than my expensive CD player.

I send my congratulations to you and your team. I could not be more happy. I am showing my system to many people and educating them about your products and philosophy, and hope to send you customers in the future.

Ali Ahmed

I bought a Max and Maria 200 system from you for my second home. I had to wait a while as you were just starting production but the wait was worth it. I was so impressed with the sound that I came to Venice to visit you and hear the Daniel Hertz M system, with my business partner who just renovated his house and was looking for a new music system as well.

The M1 just blew me away. I melted. I’m in process of buying one now. What can I say? It’s another world from anything else.

The current system in my main residence includes some of the most expensive “Mark Levinson” electronics from Harman, and Revel Salon 2 speakers with expensive cables. Sorry, there is no comparison. I can understand why Daniel Hertz is turning to e-commerce – typical audio stores can’t sell it because you make the best they sell obsolete.


Daniel Hertz not only offers far better sound and performance, but accomplishes some miracles like no more digital sound from digital sources including streaming. Even Youtube with the most demanding repertoire sounds like pure analog master tapes. One Maria 800 replaces the DAC, preamplifier, four channels of power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and includes WiFi and Bluetooth, speaker tuning, headphone tuning, C Wave technology and fully programmable activecrossovers for driving bi-amplifified speakers.


The M1 play loud with only 1W of power. With 200 WPC x 4 channels, that’s over 125dB sound pressure level with 1600 WPC in a single Maria chassis. My old system would have a heart attack just thinking about it. Wide dynamic range recordings come to life beyond what you can imagine. The only problem is that after you hear the M1, it’s hard to listen to anything else. It’s a long way down. Looking forward to getting my new M1 system soon! My business partner was equally amazed and intends to buy a Daniel Hertz M system, as that size suits the living room in his home.

With Daniel Hertz, Mark is redefining what the “best” is in audio. It’s the best of his life in audio and a real contribution to music and the audio community. Daniel Hertz does not sell typical equipment that comes and goes, they offer unparalleled performance, emotion, and pride of ownership.

Gary Karr | The world’s leading solo bassist

Mark’s equipment so perfectly and so honestly replicates the extraordinary depths of the sound from my double bass, I feel that I can now at long last, bring my dream of recording the Bach cello suites to fruition. What Mark offers the music world, in my opinion, is the opportunity to hear for the first time in reproduced form,music and soul as it really is.

Mauro Freschi

I’m Mauro Freschi, and I make artisanal guitars by hand in Treviso, Italy – around one per month – using the finest hardwoods. I know quality when I see and hear it. I love my Daniel Hertz EVA speakers and Daniel Hertz Maria amplifier because they sound so much like real instruments and voices. Mark and the Daniel Hertz team know what music is, and build audio equipment beyond what the industry offers, to satisfy the most demanding listeners.

Akshay Jaitly

I purchased the Daniel Hertz M4 speakers and Maria 800 for my apartment in Paris. My wife sings Western classical music, and many years ago I studied Indian vocal music. We know what music sounds like in life, and were searching for a music system at home that sounds like you are in the room with the musicians. We found it with Daniel Hertz.

When I visited Mark in Venice, I was surprised to learn that he has seriously studied the classical music of North India since 1967 (over 5 years) with some of the greatest artists of the era. When we listened to recordings of Indian classical music, I heard the true sound of Indian instruments and voices from the M4 system, something I never experienced with a music system before. We listened to a recording of Shahid Parvez Khan, the great sitar player, on youtube and it sounded like a pure analog tape recording. This is something that the audio word thinks is not possible, but Daniel Hertz does it.

With every kind of music from every genre, the M4 system gives me an emotional connection to music reproduction that I never had before. I could not be happier.

My first inclination was that the M4 might be too large for my living room. But in fact, once you see them in your room, they look just the right size, and have the most elegant proportions, woodwork aned quality of finish. In fact, our living room looks better with the M4 that without – they are hand made works of art that fill your home with music.  

Edgar Kramer, editor Sound and Vision Magazine

“…we were nevertheless transfixed as track after track was reproduced with frightful dynamic range, while being totally natural, refined and fatigue-free. For this damn-well-close-to-live experience, Daniel Hertz, as helmed by Levinson, receives the gong for “Best of Show” in 2012. Mr. Levinson may just be at the cusp of another stride up the high end audio evolutionary path.”